Nadya Skylung and the Masked Kidnapper Now Available for Pre-Order

Hey folks!

It’s exciting times here and on the cloudship Orion, as we ramp up for the publication of book #2 in the Nadya Skylung series, Nadya Skylung and the Masked Kidnapper, on JUNE 25, 2019. Here’s the blurb from the publisher:

Nadya Skylung paid a high price when she defeated the pirates on the cloudship Remora: she lost her leg. But has she lost her nerve too? When Nadya and the rest of the crew of the cloudship Orion reach the port of Far Agondy, they have a lot to do, including a visit to Machinist Gossner’s workshop to have a prosthetic made for Nadya. But though the pirates are far away across the Cloud Sea, Nadya and her friends are still not safe. A gang leader called Silvermask is kidnapping skylung and cloudling children in Far Agondy. And when Nadya’s friend Aaron is abducted, Nadya will stop at nothing to save him and the other missing kids, and put a stop to Silvermask once and for all.

And here’s the COVER!

Are you as excited as I am? GREAT! Here are a few ways you can show it:

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This book, at least to me and those who’ve read it so far, is something special. I’ll be posting more about all the reasons why as we get closer to release day, but in the meantime, I’ll leave you with a photo, and the mystery of why I’m sharing it.