Nadya Skylung and the Cloudship Rescue

Nadya Skylung and the Cloudship Rescue
Length: 288 pages
Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons
Publication Year: 2018
ASIN: 1524738654
ISBN: 1524738654
A 12-year-old girl and a crew of orphans with special powers must rescue the adults on their flying ship after the adults are kidnapped by a dastardly crew of pirates.
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From debut author Jeff Seymour and bestselling illustrator Brett Helquist (Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events) comes this breathtaking fantasy adventure, starring an extraordinary new heroine and set in an unforgettable world where ships can fly.

My name’s Nadya Skylung, and I keep the cloudship Orion afloat.

I don’t do it all by myself, of course, not yet. But I’ll have it figured out soon. I’m gonna learn how to run a cloudship, and then someday I’ll be captain of my own ship, and I’ll fly anywhere I want, anytime I want to—Nadya, the greatest skylung of them all!

It takes a very special crew to keep the cloudship Orion running, and no one knows that better than Nadya Skylung, who tends the cloud garden that keeps the ship afloat. When the unthinkable happens and pirates attack, Nadya and the other children aboard–all orphans taken in by the kindhearted Captain Nic–narrowly escape, but the rest of the crew is captured. Alone and far from help, only Nadya and her four brave and loyal friends can take back the Orion and rescue the crew. And she’ll risk life and limb to save the only family she’s ever known. But . . . this attack was no accident. What exactly are the pirates looking for? Could it be Nadya they’ve been after all along?