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Jeff Seymour writes hopeful, heartfelt fantasy that blends modern characters with timeless plots and offers something new and fantastic on every page. He got his start writing as a kid playing a Star Wars-based roleplaying game online, and decided at thirteen the only possible way to make a joyful living would be to write novels. He finished his first at fourteen, and spent the next fifteen years having everything he wrote rejected by everyone he sent it to while slowly, slowly learning how to write better.

During that process, Jeff went to Hamilton College in upstate New York, climbed glaciated volcanoes in Ecuador, studied in Europe, quit his job to chase a girl and a dream to New Zealand, played soccer, and worked in a hodgepodge of jobs from ice cream scooper to credit union teller. He self-published a collection of short stories, and his epic fantasy novel Soulwoven got over a million reads while featured on Wattpad before his sister, a middle-school librarian, suggested he do National Novel Writing Month with her creative-writing club, and Nadya Skylung was born.

Jeff’s debut middle-grade novel, NADYA SKYLUNG AND THE CLOUDSHIP RESCUE, was published in hardcover by G.P. Putnam’s Sons in 2018, and its sequel, NADYA SKYLUNG AND THE MASKED KIDNAPPER, is scheduled for release in June 2019. Jeff’s writing for kids combines uplifting endings with fast-paced adventure, wildly fantastic settings, heartwrenching realism, and interpersonal conflicts drawn from his own life. The Nadya series has been brought to breathtaking visual life by Brett Helquist, the illustrator of Lemony Snicket’s A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS.

In his day job as a freelance editor, Jeff helps shape and clean up stories for a talented roster of bestselling sci-fi and fantasy authors as well as newcomers to the business. In his free time, he plays more video games than he should, serves as support team to a wife with an incredible career of her own, pretends he knows anything about raising a child, and gathers ideas for stories everywhere he goes.

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